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avoid failure and select right builder

Avoid failure and select the right builder

avoid failure and select right builder

Have you been searching for the right builder? Are you down to two maybe three builders and unsure of how to make that final and major decision? Read this article and you will know what to look for and what questions to ask and make that final decision…

You will learn three key qualities to look for in the right building company to avoid any frustration, trauma and set back that can be associated with the construction industry to be sure that your building experience is one of triumph with a sense of achievement.

These qualities are simple to look for, easy to spot and yet comprehensive enough to deliver your new home with minimal fuss.

The number one important step is to ensure your builder has a construction schedule…

The building schedule is a detailed timeline for completing the construction of a new home within the agreed time. At Kotari Constructions the construction schedule is key to a project running smoothly for both client and builder. Kotari Constructons uses the most innovative management tool to manage each individual job; this ensures everyone involved in the project is kept informed throughout the entire build.

Unfortunately failed building projects isn’t unheard of in the construction industry, and failing to plan is a common cause for this. Basically, without a schedule projects are subject to budget blowouts, extensive delays and poor quality work due to rushed workmanship.

For builders to manage successful and reliable businesses, they need to have accounted for everyday during a construction project and budgeted accordingly. Without a clear schedule follow, these builders will look to recover unaccounted costs by passing them onto the client as a variation or will cut corners during the build. The result either way will cost you the client. After 3 years these builders will go out of business, leaving you with an unfinished home that most builders aren’t interested in touching.

If a builder isn’t open to show you their project schedule for completing a home, you have reason to be concerned the builder will lack in attention to detail and a failed project. So before signing a contract, ask to see the constructions schedule.

Reputation says it all and is the second step to focus on.

Is your builder willing to share testimonials from previous clients? Are they open to providing contact information for there suppliers before signing a contract? If he is not willing to share testimonials and supplier details, you should be asking yourself why?

Suppliers provided as references are set up to speak positively of the builder so dig deeper. Ask questions such as, how long have they been a client for? What is there communication like? Are they reliable when paying invoices? While supplier references can be useful, checking out a building company in detail will require you do also research online. Lack of presence online can mean they have something to hide. Companies with poor customer service experiences will avoid online reviews that could expose what is happening within the business. The companies with a stronger online have nothing to hide and will encourage clients to review and rate their companies services and performance.

Researching previous clients as well as any past change of business names. Don’t leave anything to chance when researching a building company. Look over there Facebook page, search for business reviews, see if there website has been updated recently and any YouTube channels or clips to demonstrate work.

The third and final step to consider when deciding on a building company is communication.

Poor communication is a bug bare of many home owners and unfortunately many builders have given the industry a bad name because of their extremely poor communication skills.  Nothing is worse than having to constantly chase a builder in order to obtain an answer to a question, or an update on progress…. and it happens too often.

During your enquiry process, consider how long it takes for your builder to respond to a message or question? Ask what communication processes they have in place? And how you can ensure that your messages are not missed? With Kotari Constructions, all of our clients have their own online client portals to manage communication as well as selections, variations, scheduling and job budgeting; this way you can also track every communication and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

Ask a builder if they use any tools that will allow you to monitor the progress of your home. Typically the building companies that operate online systems to service their clients are amongst the most professional in the industry. When you ask a builder these questions, you’ll quickly establish their level of professionalism, their expertise and their ability to communicate with you throughout the job.

So remember, the more informed you ask the builder that you choose, the more likely that your building experience will be one of enjoyment and the envy of your friends.