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Questions and Answers

We are a custom home builder, which means that no two homes we build are the same. Every home is individual and can vary greatly depending on the material used and the inclusions selected. This means that we price each home individually, which allows us to provide all our clients with a fixed price contract and a no hidden costs guarantee.
As each home is unique and priced according to the materials and inclusions each individual client selects, we do not provide a square metre rate. The only time we would ever use a square metre rate is if we have enough information (plans, specifications) to provide a preliminary estimate, but this too is dependent on the plans, materials and inclusion list for each client.
We provide fixed price contracts and guarantee no hidden costs. We are able to do this as we have a robust quoting and estimation process, which provides all our clients with assurance and peace of mind. The only thing that can change the price is if a client asks for a variation to the works or inclusions.
Of course! We understand that our clients can change their minds and we are happy to accommodate any changes that they would like to make after building works commence. All our variations are quoted and authorised via our online client portal.
All our clients are able to access their building schedule via our online client portal. The schedule is updated regularly and is available to clients 24/7.
We understand the excitement of building a new home and that clients love to come on site to see how their home is progressing. However, due to work health and safety regulations, we cannot allow clients to access the building site without prior arrangement with our team. In saying that, we will always try to accommodate any site visits requests to suit your availability, if it is safe to do so and if it does not impede the progress of works- simply give us a call to arrange a suitable time.
Between 26-30 weeks, depending on whether it is double or single story, site conditions and whether the works are affected by any unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather. We can also build homes that take 12 weeks – give us a call to find out more!
There are many ways that a higher energy rating can benefit you! Such as:
  • Long term cost reduction (cheaper heating and cooling bills)
  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Helping the environment (reducing pollution)
  • Improving your quality of life (stress less about heating and cooling bills)
  • Better performance (your house will be healthier and safer)
Using a custom home builder gives you the assurance that the price of your home will be controlled to suit your budget, while still creating the perfect house for your lifestyle. As mentioned previously, every home we build is individual meaning your home will be specifically designed for you, allowing it to be within your budget. Did you know having a unique, one-off design can increase the value of your home?
Our process is structured specifically so that it allows us to guarantee no hidden costs for our clients. This means our clients have peace of mind that they won’t be out of pocket for unforeseen costs during their build. Our process is unique and, believe it or not, not all companies have such a robust system in place like we do. We are honest with our clients and inform them throughout the quoting process of anything that will impact the cost of their home- things like the soil composition of their land, the likely impact of land elevations on their build cost and home design, the suitability of selected building materials, and even how the time of year that construction works are undertaken can impact on their budget.

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