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BLOCK SELECTION – Where to start

BLOCK SELECTION – Where to start?

BLOCK SELECTION – Where to start

You never know what a block is like until you live on it, which is the common scenario for people purchasing a vacant block.
Therefore, to be sure you’re selecting the right bloc, you need to spend the time and do the research.

Be warned, there is so much to know about just one block of plan, big or small. So imagine your looking at 10 of them!

So what do you do?

Start with your budget. How much can you afford to spend on an entire home, land included of course? No one knows how much they need to build a house so find a builder who will listen and guide you buying the right property and still be able to build your ideal home, within your budget.

Once you know how much you’ll need for a house vs. how much you can spend on land, start looking a the market. Trust good old Google and simply type ‘Medium house price in ford’ or ‘price of 400m2 blocks in west Belconnen’. There’s plenty of data on the Internet that after looking at a few links, you’ll get the gist of the prices for different areas.

Next are to narrow down what you wanted to be closer to and which is more important. Is it to be closer to work, closer to school, public transport, shops or football fields? Because lets face it, that catch phrase is where it’s at “Location, Location, Location”. Your location will dictate your life style, it will dictate schools, soccer teams, even future profits because Land is getting harder to come by.

Then we have:

This is where your friendly builder that you found a few paragraphs ago, comes in handy. Ask what they think of these 4 things. Any experienced builder will look at a block and know if its going to tick the right boxes in these areas to give you the best for you. Builders don’t profit off your land selection, they can just offer advice that will help them deliver the right home to you.

There is one complete unknown in EVER build and EVER land selection. Site costs. No one knows what the total of this will come to until site works begin. You can be advised against sloped blocks, or if you’re lucky the sale information might have soil reports. But these simply give a starting price, and the finishing price is anyone’s guess.

All the above is a good place to start or, to make things seem a lot less overwhelming, find a builder first. Don’t get to know them as you build, have a safe guard and get to know them over a block of land.

For help & advice in selecting a block of land, get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Dont forget to download our detailed Block Selection Building Guide