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building pre-arranged todo list

How is building a pre-arranged ‘todo’ list?

How is building a pre-arranged ‘todo’ list

Building Schedules, do you know much about them? Or how valuable they are for you and a custom builder?

We do, because we use a building schedule for every project that’s built with Kotari Constructions!

Lets be honest, as parents we have tendencies to forget our kids drink bottle, or the library bag on library day once too often. Simply creating a daily todo list for each day of the week (and per family member to be exact) eliminates those ‘#### I forgot…’ moments.

Just like your weekly family schedule, our building schedule has a to do list and there’s one each stage of the build. This is how we know nothing will get missed and can be sure time doesn’t slip away from us.

Yes, each build is different and of course our goal is to meet our clients needs and wants. With this in mind, how do our schedules work when one project is different from the next?

Its like that once-off play date or birthday party. If we don’t alter our to do lists things get missed or even worse, they get completely forgotten! And have you ever been the reason your child missed a friends birthday party? You DO NOT want a ‘#### I forgot…’ moment like that!

This isn’t saying our clients wouldn’t be as unimpressed with us as say our 10 year old would be, but the outcome of missing that TV point in the Master Bedroom has a negative affect to the experience of building!

Before we start your build, our final step is to perfect the schedule for each stage of the build that suits your design. We cross check the schedule with your projects inclusions list along with any added extras you might request.

Your team will then uploaded your projects building schedule into our online portal for our team to work on together. We’re so confident in it that we will even give you access to your projects page, where you’ll see the stages we’re working on and which have already been completed.

The real hero behind our building schedule is through our online portal, you get to see for yourself what date each stage is scheduled to reach completion. This way you can even add it into your own weekly family schedule!!!

As an extra advantage, we can give you access to our test login. So you can explore our online portal and see for yourself the schedules progress of our ‘Mock’ job.
For $10, Click here to request your trial login.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about our building schedule call us on 0419-KOTARI