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Its written in stars

“It’s written in the stars – what your energy efficiency rating means to you”

Its written in stars

Most people already know that the more stars there are on an energy rating, the better it is for the home owner. But what do those stars really mean? And why is it a good thing to get as many stars on a rating as possible?

Under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), the energy efficiency of a home is given a rating out of ten, based on how the house is designed and how much energy the house is likely to use. Elements such as the type of glazing used in the windows, appliances, external cladding, the amount and type of insulation installed and even the location of the home will all have an impact on the NatHERS rating that the home can achieve.

Home owners will benefit by using more energy efficient materials in constructing their home, and working with a designer to ensure that it is orientated in a way that will make the most of natural elements, such as the sun and ventilation.

How will it benefit the owner?

Because it means that their energy bills will be cheaper! The more energy efficient the home, the less it will cost in heating and cooling it. With 40% of a household’s energy use going towards heating and cooling costs, it is definitely something you want to make sure you get right.

Household energy use    %
Source: DEWHA. 2008
Heating and cooling    40
Water heating    21
Appliances and equipment including refrigeration and cooking    33
Lighting    6

A good design that is built well will reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the home comfortable. By getting good advice from your builder during the designing process, home owners can ensure that appropriate materials can be incorporated into the design, without impacting significantly on the cost of construction.

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