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Why you should talk to a builder before starting your design

Zadara Exterior

80% of plans NEVER get built!

Every design process and plan is unique explaining why consulting with a builder first is important. Since every design process is unique it means that the complexity of your home could be different to another due to plan improvements, land size and budgets. Getting a quote from a builder helps allow the process to run smooth and efficiently.

How does it help and allow the process to run smoother?

Choosing the right builder and finding the right plans that suits your land and requirements takes time. It is important to understand the process of building your home and how time consuming it can be. Although it takes time to complete the perfect plan it is important that all potential issues and delays are understood.

As builders we can guide you to the right architect and work alongside with them. Our job is to ensure that plans have practical aspects and are adequate. One of our main concerns is constructability, which is to assure that all plans are reviewed and to identify any issues or obstacles that may affect the pre-construction phase.

So where to from here?

Once you find an architecture to work with you should also be looking for a builder to can collaborate with them. Even better, look for a design and home building specialist like us! Who will take the time to understand your needs and requirements and who can work with a designer to ensure that the elements you want in your home will meet your budget and will be constructible.

Some important things to consider before the design:

Whilst every construction company is different they all have the same risks and potential problems that could be possible. Such as failing to meet cost/quality targets and being unable to meet deadlines. Having an understanding builder who listens to the wants and requirements of your potential home is the most important as this allows the best possible outcomes for your home and design.

Getting advice from builders allows you to take time to explore different/unique designs without going over your budget. Also allowing you to have the perfect house design that you love.

Understanding why you can’t trust a square metre rate when designing a plan is important as all custom homes include different products such as floorboards, windows, bricks, carpet and many more that all range in prices. Explaining why two houses prices that are the same square metres may be changed due to differentiation in products and goods.

Therefore, speaking to a builder before starting your design will ensure that your design is the best it can be and to ensure all your needs are included.